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Private Label Novel Food Compliant CBD Products

Healthy Hemp is a manufacturer of novel food compliant CBD products in the UK. We operate from a  BRCGS, ISO9001 and GMP rated facility in Edinburgh which allows us to produce quality and constant products without hampering production scale.

Intro to the Healthy Hemp Company

A Proven Track Record

Large Enough To Give Confidence,
Personal Enough To Remain Committed

HHP have a history and proven track record of researching, developing and manufacturing innovative fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) within the European cannabis sector, using only the purest, quality ingredients sourced directly from the USA.

Our clients benefit by having the best expertise and products alongside their journey and vision. HHP continually innovate solutions for the green revolution the world is experiencing with some of the UK’s ‘first’s’.

Poised for the global cannabis market within an ISO accredited, GMP manufacturing facility at the heart of Scotland, HHP have grown into a turneky solution for many of the cannabis food supplements and cosmetics brands in the UK, with goods being exported as far as East Asia.

Intro to the Healthy Hemp Company

Our Clients Have Been Featured

About us

First UK BRCGS Approved CBD Manufacturer

We are very proud of everything we have achieved over the years. While many focused on sales and branding, we doubled down on regulatory compliance, scientific research and development and manufacturing excellence. 

Our BRCGS, ISO9001 and GMP rated facility in Edinburgh allows us to produce quality and constant products without hampering production scale.


Valid, Listed and Licensed

Turnkey Cannabinoids

Our own dossier submission ensures
compliance across all regulatory frameworks meaning HHP products will be listed in the UK FSA public directory for Approved CBD Products as a food supplement.

Safe & Effective Cannabis

BRCGS Approved GMP Facility

HHP only use UKAS Accredited labs
to ensure the most consistent and up-to-date cannabinoid testing is applied to each batch produced. Our products are tested twice to ensure the most accurate levels.

Selectively Bred Cannabis

Scientific Team

HHP has partnered with select
and approved suppliers of raw cannabis materials from the USA and EU. Our strategic alliances ensure high yeilding and phyto-rich cannabinoid products are achieved consistently.

About Us

The Company Is On a Mission

We are here to change the lives of many

The answer to the healthiest possible lifestyle is in plants;
they are the roots to our vitality.

Since its inception, the company (and its members) have been on a mission
to educate, liberate and envigorate as many minds as bodies through the
mechanisms nature provides. Through this modus operandi, HHP have and
continue to change the lives of the many with innovative cannabinoid
based goods for topical application and ingestion.

Modern science shows the vast array of health benefits caused by including real-food supplements as part of a varied diet. Plant compounds promote high levels of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that cannot be matched by other sources.

By focusing specifically on key areas of nutrition which work to synergise
your body we believe HHP aim to improve health and performance using
nothing but science rooted in nature.

In 2020, the comany relaunched its formulations specifically for the
‘human performance’ market and has since found its products are
used by many elite athletes and individuals alike.

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