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About Us

The Company Is On a Mission

We are here to change the lives of many

The answer to the healthiest possible lifestyle is in plants; they are the roots to our vitality.

Since its inception, the company (and its members) have been on a mission to educate, liberate and invigorate as many minds as bodies through the mechanisms nature provides. Through this modus operandi, HHP have and continue to change the lives of the many with innovative cannabinoid based goods for topical application and ingestion.

Modern science shows the vast array of health benefits caused by including real-food supplements as part of a varied diet. Plant compounds promote high levels of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that cannot be matched by other sources.

By focusing specifically on key areas of nutrition which work to synergise your body we believe HHP aim to improve health and performance using nothing but science rooted in nature.

In 2020, the company relaunched its formulations specifically for the ‘human performance’ market and has since found its products are used by many elite athletes and individuals alike.

Strengths & Values

The values and core beliefs drive forward our desire for effective change
Solution Driven

Direct communication with our clients and consumers to ensure research
and development into existing and new products are in line with demands,
realistic expectations and complex legalities.

Quality & Compliance Commited

Raw materials are only ever sourced from approved suppliers with a focus on
traceability and quality; manufactured in-house by highly skilled and qualified
scientific professionals. HHP product lines can be traced back to the fields and
farms. This commitment to quality and compliance ensures each item remains
as pure and effective as possible.

Unprecedented Knowledge & Resourced

HHP have forged valuable relationships with many scientific bodies and
professionals over several years. This desire for knowledge and access to
world-class professionals has meant the company has remained at the very
forefront of technological and scientific developments within the plant-world.

Fairness & Equality

Realising the disparity in many industries across the world, including cannabis,
Healthy Hemp Products are proud to have a female-dominant operation. The
business employs directly more females than 90% of the UK cannabis industry.
Our team lead the operation with integrity, paving the way for the future.

About Us

From Our Founder

One of the foremost individuals involved with the UK cannabis sector

With roots tracing back to the cannabis mountains of the Indian Himalayas,
Jas Nottay is no stranger to the myriad of cannabis.

Through the means of necessity, the founder of Healthy Hemp Products, Jas
started the project in late 2014 with the development of the UK’s first
CBD-infused raw fruit juice and launched the brand Loveburgh Raw in mid
2016 making the company one of the first commercial and legal cannabis
operators in the UK.

A forward thinker Jas has developed the organisation into one of the leading
pioneers in the UK cannabis sector with investments in research, genetics and
medicine ensuring HHP remains at the forefront of a fast developing market.
He has a clear vision for the future & direction of Healthy Hemp Products
and is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the UK’s cannabis industry
holding executive positions within many organisations and companies.

As part of his on-going commitment, Jas holds many executive positions within the cannabis sector, including Director of the Cannabis Trades Association, which he accepted in 2018. He is frequently engaged with various UK and European government departments discussing framework and policy whilst supporting small business and educating public.

Jas Nottay

CEO & Founder

“Our team is absolutely world-class. It’s the vision and drive that brought us together, which continues to bind us together.”